So when I was 18 years old I got myself a cell phone. Not knowing what terms and conditions meant at the time I had no idea what I was in for. I started getting very high bills per month for going over my usage (which was never explained to me). I went back to the store where I got it from and asked if they could help me out in which they declined. I called the service provider and they said that the only thing I could would be to cancel the contract. I had no choice but to. Well, after about 6 months I started getting phone calls from them claiming I owed them over 1200.00. WHATTTT… How could this be I asked? Well the terms and conditions that I was not made aware of (I was 18) stated that if I was to cancel my phone I would still have to pay per month and a cancellation fee would be added to my account. I was very upset- upset so I did not pay them. This Bad Credit situation I had no idea of before was now something I would bring on to myself. My cellphone bill of 650.00 was now in collections for over 1300.00!!! BAD CREDIT now. Wow, not even 20 and I have BAD CREDIT? How could I get a loan now I asked? Well- after searching and searching I found Driving Your Credit. I talked with them and they were able to find me the right finance partner to start rebuilding my bad credit. After only ONE year of making payments on my Bad Credit Auto Loan my credit score jumped up from the low 500’s to the high 600’s. I then got pre approved for a credit card and honestly have learned from this. I hope this helps you.