So you’re 20 and No Credit. Been working since you were 16. Took the bus or got rides from friends and never had anything to pay for but the odd grocery bill. Well GREAT! But what do the banks know about you? Nothing! They don’t know you from a brick in the wall. Getting a credit card ( some people think is so terrible ) when in reality it is the start to taking your no credit to getting the GOOD Credit you will need in the future. Bad credit in a sense is the same as No credit because the banks still consider you to be a risk due to the NOT KNOWING aspect of whether you will pay them back or not. So do yourself a favor if you want credit and not Bad credit or No credit- when the bank asks you ” would you like a credit card” Say yes! Just don’t be a kid about it and miss your payments or think you don’t have to pay it back cause then you will go from NO credit to Bad credit in a heartbeat! Remember No Credit turns into Good credit because now the banks have a history on you and can see that you will pay them- hence the next time you apply for credit- you will not be considered a “risk”.